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Best landscaping websites design service


Yardzen is an online landscape company that provides a full service design experience, starting with photos of your property and ending with ready to use construction plans.
While installation isn’t included, their polished website, detailed questionnaire process and their commitment to including native plants and sustainably sourced materials in each project make this company more than worth a second glance.


Shrubhub landscaping design outdoors

The Amazon of Landscaping” provides an easy, budget friendly option for 2D design plans, provides a full online shopping list of professionally selected design pieces and directory of licensed contractors in your area.
If you’re looking for a somewhat hands on experience, take advantage of this incredibly affordable service.

Tilly Design

Tilly Design specializes in front, back and full yard packages, with fun add ons like side yard and lighting plans as well as the option to upgrade to 3D fully rendered images.
With a 2-3 week turnaround, no need for a property survey and detailed FAQ articles on every step of the design process, you’re sure to be in good hands.

Lauren’s Garden Service

Laurens Garden Service Landscape Design Beautify

Based in Glenwood, MD and serving clients all along the Baltimore/Washington corridor, Lauren’s Garden Service offers a fully stocked nursery and award winning designers to help bring your garden dreams to life.

Rost Landscaping

Rost Landscaping has been the top choice in full service landscaping design and installation in central Missouri since 1985, and that reputation is still growing strong today. Once your property has been beautifully landscaped, let their maintenance, irrigation services and superior garden center keep it as fresh as the day it was installed.

Hidden Lane Landscaping

If you find yourself in VA, Hidden Lane Landscaping is the obvious choice. While they aren’t the cheapest option on this list, Hidden Lane believes that top quality work comes from satisfied employees who are treated and compensated fairly. Their commitment to their people, as well as the obvious pride they take in their thoughtfully crafted designs makes this a company worth supporting.

Seoane Landscape Design

Seoane Landscape Design has been a family business in the Boston/South Shore area since its inception in 1973. Check out their extensive menu of landscaping options, including pools, driveways and water features.

We also love their Plant Finder tool and their extensive biographies of each employee in every area of design and construction.

Manzer’s Landscape Design and Development

Chapman “Chappy” Manzer is well known in the Westchester, NY County community for his generous donations of time, supplies and installation services to city building projects over the years. Manzer’s Landscape Design and Development serves both individual homeowners and commercial properties, and offers property management as well as landscaping and installation.

Gnome Landscapes

With a wide range of services from design, landscaping, stone masonry and more, Gnome Landscapes in Falmouth Maine serves the upper New England area. Check out their design process, browse the wonderfully boggling number of services they offer, or take in their beautiful portfolio images.

Native Edge Landscapes

Native Edge Landscapes was grown from seed in the heart of Austin Texas. Their core beliefs center reliability, care and responsibility to their customers, community and the environment. With a policy of only using native plants and sourcing both the materials and labor as close to their own community as possible, If you want to support local, then Native Edge is the place to go.

Chartreuse Landscape Design and Consultation

Featured repeatedly in The Seattle Times for their outstanding designs and focus pieces, Chartreuse Landscaping may have one of the most beautiful websites on this list. Let Seattle native Lisa Bauer use her two decades of experience to create a lush, vivid landscape or take advantage of her garden coaching and start down the path to creating your own beautiful yard.

Free Custom Website Mockup

Free Custom Mockup

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ALD Landscaping

In 2003 Laura and Tony Westrude combined their architectural and horticultural passions into Architectural Landscape Design, and they are still going strong to this day. This small corporate family in Brockwood MN is large enough to handle full scale commercial projects while staying small enough to give every customer the same personal care and attention. Check out their jaw dropping portfolio or head over to their blog for some tips and tricks.

MADROÑO Landscaping

Madroño Inc. is a licensed landscape design company in San Francisco that specializes in using native plants and materials in their sustainable landscapes. From small focal pieces designed to attract bees and butterflies to large scale civic projects, walls to parks, Madrono Landscaping consistently creates beautiful and inventive landscapes with a flair for creative solutions.

Designscapes Colorado

Alongside their standard residential and commercial design offerings, Designscapes Colorado specializes in a type of conservation-oriented landscaping called Xeriscaping: a system that includes water conservation, low water use plantings, minimal lawn areas, efficient irrigation systems and beautiful hardscape elements. Check out their lush, native-only projects that perfectly complement Colorado’s already breathtaking scenery.

Silverleaf Landscape Design

Creating beautiful gardens & landscape architecture, Silverleaf Landscape Design has been offering excellent design, quality materials, craftsmanship, efficient project management and transparent pricing since 1991. Browse their huge portfolio from the past 25+ years of designs, or head straight to their Before and After section for some serious landscaping inspiration.

Scenic Landscaping LLC

Scenic Landscaping LLC has been providing quality construction and conservation services for 45+ years – and counting! Located in New Jersey, this professional team can tackle anything from lighting your garden path to renovating a full garden estate.

K&D Landscaping Inc

Located in central California, K&D Landscaping takes care to provide not just fabulous residential and commercial landscaping, but also holds itself to strict fire safety standards in every project. Keep your dream lawn or garden safe and beautiful with an expert team of highly trained, longstanding employees.

Avid Landscape Design and Development

Another Seattle Native, Avid Landscape Design & Development embraces global stewardship and offers organic soils and fertilizers, use only chemical free insecticides and herbicides and offer expert pruning and mowing services to reduce the stress and water usage of the land. If you care as much about the health of your landscape as you do about the appearance, checking out Avid Landscape Design and Development is a must

Home Outside

You can find the Home Outside Palette app featured in high places like USA Today, The New York Times, Real Simple and so many others. Let this powerful design tool capture your imagination, with Home Outside’s garden and landscape design packages, free consultation and endless experience ready to help every step of the way.

JMMDS Design Studio

Julie Moir Messervy is the Vermont based gardener responsible for the fabulous Home Outside app featured above. If you’ve given the app a try (or even if you haven’t) and find you’d still prefer a personal, hands on approach, Julie Messervy, via JMMDS Design Studio, also offers her services to app users who live in the US. Using the app, you can upload details about your property along with a wish list and, in return, receive a personalized landscape design for a fantastically discounted price.

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