Hyper Trick School

Hyper Trick School

Project Details

Hyper teamed up with Dan Perez & Top Trickers worldwide to inspire a generation of Tricking Athletes rooted in authenticity, creativity, true understanding, and execution of perfect Martial Arts Tricking Techniques. Professor Perez created the Hyper Trick School to systematically and safely train athletes in the fundamentals of tricking. He breaks tricking down into a progression of 8-levels that anyone can follow and learn. He shows you step by step how to learn kicks, transitions, variations, and even create your own combinations.

The goal of the website was to create a fun urban look and feel, capture leads, and create excitement surrounding the launch of the program.

Key features include a custom WordPress theme, mobile responsive design, custom graphics and HTML 5 video.

Key Features

HTML 5 Video  Mobile Responsive  WordPress